Who are Action 4 Access?

We are Action 4 Access; a small NCS group from Stoke-on-Trent hoping to make a difference for the overlooked disabled community in our local area. This is our social action project, which includes raising both money and awareness for multiple causes that will greatly benefit the disabled population. Our project isn’t aimed at a single age group, but in fact, at a range: there are different aspects to our goals which will affect different people, hoping to impact a greater variety of disabled people.

The first of our aims is to raise money for Blackfriars School, with some of the money going directly to them to buy specialist equipment, and with some of the money going towards making sensory boxes for the students. These boxes with vary depending on the child’s needs and disability, but all will be covered with a range of fabrics with different textures, helping them to understand and interact with their surroundings. We will also include multi-sensory toys with vibrant colours, different surfaces and bells that will encourage children with limited hearing or sight to put their remaining senses to better use, aiding in their development. Our group aims to prove that even a small box of toys can have a huge impact of the lives of children with sensory impairments, hopefully encouraging other members of the community to help too.

To raise money for this, we will be doing a sponsored silence whilst wearing ear plugs for an entire day on Tuesday 1st August, also raising awareness for the struggles that the sensory impaired have to go through every day. Any donations for this would be kindly accepted on our Just Giving page.

Another goal that we have is to encourage Newcastle-Under-Lyme Council to install a disabled public toilet in the town centre. This would open a range of opportunities for disabled families, meaning that they would no longer be required to go home when there weren’t the facilities that they needed. We have set up a petition on Change.org to ‘construct a disabled toilet in Newcastle-Under-Lyme’. It would be greatly appreciated if you would sign this petition and make a change that would help thousands of people.

Support of any kind would help us immensely in our social action project, whether it is simply signing our petition or making a donation for our sponsored silence. Thank you.

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